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Televoter is the original patented electronic voting system, designed in the early 90's by Logos Av Com Faenza. Over time, thanks to the direct contact with its customers and constant attention to the changing needs of the market, the company has developed a complete range of models and different types of software designed for use in institutions, schools, businesses, companies of services and rentals congress. Discover all the features of Televoter on the dedicated website.

HappyGuide, versatile and easy to use for visitors, easy to implement by the museum staff. With HappyGuide you will be able to propose diversified paths for the various user groups (children, visually impaired) or paths integrated in the territory, with reference to particular places and objects connected to the museum itself, or even tour supramunicipal, in relation to a plurality of participating museums in the same territorial context. Discover all the features of HappyGuide on the dedicated website.


Televoting References
Fifteen of the largest groups of rental and servicing technology conference in Italy. The system is currently being used for educational purposes by schools and universities, for example the University of Padova, or for marketing purposes and Assessment by private groups such as Ethicon SpA of Jhonson & Jhonson group.

Audiogude References
Our company has always been involved in audio-visual equipment and technologies for museums and cultural sites in order to make them more approachable to visitors / tourists since 1993 through a continuous updating of the aesthetic and technological product. The version AGS05, for its innovative content, is a product to the top of the range and is patented. Here are some customers who use our systems.

Who We Are

LOGOS was born in 1976 as a full-service advertising agency focused on promoting industrial products and services, the study of graphic design and visual message to up to the media planning. Since 1980, he is dedicated to the marketing of products & supplies of services for the multi-vision as well as the automation, fixed installations for museums, art galleries, conference rooms, tourist information, etc..

In the 90's has expanded its field of action to multimedia and interactivity to develop it to the point that activate systems both for the intervention of an individual or for group basis, whether as a result of the will of the majority of a multitude of people, using a system electronic voting radio, and direct communication, if necessary, with media control. The first TELEVOTER were born.

From the mid-90's LOGOS is committed to the commercialization of new products in the area of ​​professional video creating a true network of dealers of imported products. LOGOS also produces, from 1994 until the last model currently in production started in 2005 portable audioguide with digital technology for tourist use which may facilitate the fruition of museums, archaeological sites, pathways public etc. This product is called HappyGuide.

Since 2011 he left the business side relative to multimedia to devote himself entirely to the design, development and marketing of its products. One of the main features of LOGOS, which makes it unique, is the possibility of production of voting systems for special applications, customer-specific (banking assemblies, tests for admission and competitions, auctions quizzes etc.).


New site ecommerce.logosav.com!

Now the new e-commerce site is online. You can request quotes, purchase our products or simply consult the features in detail in extremely simple way. The products according to category, related accessories and clear and convenient prices will allow you to configure the system by customizing it to suit your needs.


In the Downloads section you will find all the downloadable software, the demo version, manuals and utilities for using our products. Click on the button below to be redirected to Download Center

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Logos Av Com is looking for multiple agents, brokers and dealers for the expansion of its business structure. Our goal is to increase steadily and continuously promoting and selling a full range of services and products that the company offers. If interested contacthomeprod@logosav.com

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